Saturday, August 18, 2012

Busy summer and a fancy finish,,,

Hello Everyone!
 I am having a really busy summer,  so I didnt get to my stiching projects lately, I dint event have time to visit blogger either....
In had holiday in July and I spent some day at my parents in my birth city. It was really nice in there, and I could finally finish my Teddy-bear cushion project. My mother helped me a littlebit, cause I unfortunately cant use the sewing machine, but the design was absolutely my idea. It was a present for my boyfriend, and he really liked it:)

Well you can see my first project absolutely finished:

In July I also had a wonderful holiday, we spent some days wondering around Turkey with my boyfriend and with some friends. We really saw amazing sights:

These were the traventines in Pamukkale, my absolute favourite:)
But we were also at the incredible peaks of Cappadocia too:

And of course we had to see the beautiful sights in Istanbul too, I really enjoyed Topkapi Saray:

I really loved the blue tiles everywere. Since my really young age blue is my favourite colour, and I love watching blue tiles, In May I spent 2 weeks in the Netherlands, as an exchange work practical, I really loved the sights there and of course the beautiful blue Delft type tiles and typical dutch motifs:)

Well now, all  my hoidays are over, and I am reaaaally very busy at work. Many of my collegues are on holiday now, so I am having 8 times a 24 hour shifts in this month and usually on weekends,,, I am also very tired now, cause yesterday I had a shift and tomorrow I have one too, but I cant sleep cause my "dear" neighbour is renovating the flat next to me the whole day and it is really noisy....:P
Well I hope soon I will have some free time again to do some creative works!!:)
Have a nice summer!

Greetings, Jucó


  1. Very nice finish and great pictures.

  2. Nice finish you got here! Congrats! I really love how you put all those lace and borders areound the cross stitched picture, loock really cool. and it sounds like you had a great vacation too. But too bad you have so much work nowm and the neighbour thing=== arrrgh >.>

  3. Nice finishing Juco. I used to work night shifts as a nurse and I would always be upset at my supervisor for not scheduling things properly and for allowing everyone to go on vacation at the same time...definitely a lack of much can go wrong when nurses are tired. Am no longer a nurse!

  4. Hi dear! Just read your comment and it was so nice, thank you!^^ And I miss blogging and stitching too - I have't put a single stitch since the beginning of the school year. But we're having 4 day holiday now too, so I hope to stitch, even a little! On other hand, everything in Uni is so cool and interesting, so I'm not complaining about being busy! :D We're 3rd year now, and finally in the hospital, talking to patients and doing some real work (or at least more real and cooler that everything we;ve done the first two years!)
    It's taking a lot of time, and no time left to stitch, wichi is sad though :/

  5. Hello dear!! Thanks for the comment and sorry I've been such an awful commenter lately! XD
    Aww I envy you for the books, lol! I've yet to read the second book about Alexia - so please share your thoughts on it after finishing it! And I envy you for the Hobbit too - if this is the first time you're entering this awsome world of the Middle Earth! I've watched the Hommit two times in the cinema for now, and I LOVED it!! Peter Jackson is up to something epic and I can't wait for the second movie. Lol, even now I'm sipping coke form my Hobbit cup with my Bilbo figurine on the top! XD

    I'm in exam session right now, so not much time to read ;/ NBut I have several titles on my wish list I'm eager to start - like Leviathan :) What about you, any new picks? I'd love to add them to my ever growing list ,lol!

  6. Hi Juco,

    Thankyou for the lovely comment on my mini cats!
    Love the teddy bear cushion!