Saturday, August 18, 2012

Busy summer and a fancy finish,,,

Hello Everyone!
 I am having a really busy summer,  so I didnt get to my stiching projects lately, I dint event have time to visit blogger either....
In had holiday in July and I spent some day at my parents in my birth city. It was really nice in there, and I could finally finish my Teddy-bear cushion project. My mother helped me a littlebit, cause I unfortunately cant use the sewing machine, but the design was absolutely my idea. It was a present for my boyfriend, and he really liked it:)

Well you can see my first project absolutely finished:

In July I also had a wonderful holiday, we spent some days wondering around Turkey with my boyfriend and with some friends. We really saw amazing sights:

These were the traventines in Pamukkale, my absolute favourite:)
But we were also at the incredible peaks of Cappadocia too:

And of course we had to see the beautiful sights in Istanbul too, I really enjoyed Topkapi Saray:

I really loved the blue tiles everywere. Since my really young age blue is my favourite colour, and I love watching blue tiles, In May I spent 2 weeks in the Netherlands, as an exchange work practical, I really loved the sights there and of course the beautiful blue Delft type tiles and typical dutch motifs:)

Well now, all  my hoidays are over, and I am reaaaally very busy at work. Many of my collegues are on holiday now, so I am having 8 times a 24 hour shifts in this month and usually on weekends,,, I am also very tired now, cause yesterday I had a shift and tomorrow I have one too, but I cant sleep cause my "dear" neighbour is renovating the flat next to me the whole day and it is really noisy....:P
Well I hope soon I will have some free time again to do some creative works!!:)
Have a nice summer!

Greetings, Jucó