Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am back

Hello my Dear Blogger Friends!

Well it was a really long-long time ago since I wrote here....
My life is really busy, so I didnt have much time to stitch or do any creative things, but I always try to visit my favourite blogs, and see whats happening. Your nice works really inspire me to do some stiching or other creative stuff, whren I have the opportunity.

I wanna show you my latest work:) Everyone knows by now, that I love Teddybears:) So first time in my life I tried to make an own Teddybear, and you can see the result:)

 Isn't he cute?? He is our new little friend at home, actually it was a birthday present for my boyfriend not to be soo lonely when I a have a lot of night shifts at the hospital.:) Of course he got other presents too, but I also wanted to give something special:)

Well my stiching projects progressing slowly. I still couldnt finish Johanna's present,  but hopefully it will be ready soon. As it is a surprise, I will show it to you when I gave it to Johanna:)

I am still working hard on my wolves picture I got from Virpi last year. I think it is a really difficult work, but I cant wait it to be ready:):)
I show you my progress of the pitcture, but it is really far away from beeing ready....

In case you dont remember, that is the original pitcure:

If the picture will be ready I wanna frame it and put on the wall:)

Well it seems to be, that my blog will be soon 1 year old, so I am planning to organize a giveaway in here:)
Tomorrow I will go shopping some surprises, and soon I will post about giveaway rules:)