Sunday, August 21, 2011

And this is my first happy dancing...:)

Dear Blogger Friends!
I am here again. I didnt wrote here for a while, the reason is that in July I was on holiday by relatives, and couldnt use internet, and August is such a busy mont for me, I am working day and night,,,
But I dint give up stitching, I am working on many projects right now:)
I have finished my Teddy bear love sign project in July, so here is  it....:(drumrolls please...:))

Well it just needs the finishing to become a beautiful cushion. I already bought a dark red material:)) and my mom got a sewing machine for her birthday,I cant wait to try it. (Anyway I never used a sewing machine before, so it sounds like a big adventure:)))

I also started some new projects. For example I am stitching the wolves picture right now, which I won from Virpi's giveaway. I really enjoy it,I have only done about 500 stiches from the approximately 20000 ones, so I will show you my progress next time , when it will be worth to see:)

I am also stiching some surprise for my friends little daughter , Johanna, I will show you the picture when it will be ready:) I was having a lot of trouble with the material, because the part you can stitch is not big enough,,,so I was searching for many-many charts till I found a suitable one.
I also bought a DMC chartbook with babies characters, it is super awesome, the caracters are really sweet on it:)

During my holiday I found a shop, where I can buy foreign cross stitching magazines:) I was really happy, cause I thought those are not awailable in my country...They are quite expensive in here, but I couldnt resist to buy one:D:D
At last I chose an issue of Cross stich crazy, I loved the Margaret Sherry charts in it, Margaret Sherry is one of my favourite designer:D But somehow it seemed to me that there are to  many talking and advertising in that magazine, maybe I could have beared more charts in it:)))
Which do you think is the best cross stiching mag? I need some advice :D

I am still focusing on Teddy bears:) I found a cool chartbook of Zweigart with great charts of Teddybears, I am gonna make towels with Initial letters for my family members as a Christmas present:)))))

Hmm, I still love flowers, unfortunately my birthday hibiscus didnt survive my holiday, it faded totally away, when I came home,,,:(
but I am having beautiful orchids right now, and I got some new little monsters too:)

Aren't they beautiful?:D:D
Well we are having still great summer weather, I am melting at my workplace, so I really look forward to go to an open-air swimming pool next week, after work:)
Have a nice summer, and happy stitching:)


  1. Hooray for your happy dance! //^_^// Your stitching pojects sound awesome, I can't wait to see some progress on them!

  2. Congratulations on your Happy Cance. Good for you.

  3. Your teddy bears look so cute! congrats :)

  4. Hello, thank you for visiting my blog, you have some nice things aswell.

    What magazines do you prefer? I have found some here aswell, mostly UK ones, and I love them, I pay around 10 € a magazine here. What do you have to pay for it?

    Love, Babs

  5. Your love bears are cute. Since you like Margaret Sherry, did you see the freebie I had posted on my blog week before last?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  6. Hello there! You asked how I put the cross stitch on my t-shirt.. I used soluble canvas, which is kind of cloth that melts in water. So you put it on the piece of clothing, do your cross stitch, and then it dissapears!;1368
    You can use waste canvas instead too.

  7. Awww how cute. I love your Teddy Bear love sign. Gorgeous finish - well done! xo

  8. Congrats on finnishing the teddy bear love- it looks really cute:) I have many favorite cross stitch magazines. Word of cross- stitching has many different kinds of charts from big projects to cards. I also like the american mag "stoney creek" they don't have so much advertiments on it. I hope you enjoy the summer. I'ts getting cooler here in north-Finland
    Take care

  9. Your finish is lovely and I'm doing a Happy Dance for you :o) Hopefully life slows down for you and you can get back to stitching soon!

  10. I understand, my salary isn't that big either. I'm in love with a UK magazine, called Cross Stitch Collection. I took a subscription on it, which saves me quite some money. For the rest I look into a lot of magazines, and only buy it when there is something I'm really going to stitch.

    Love, Babs

  11. verry nics i love your work with the bears ;)

    Mvg Sarah

  12. Can you please email me? My email is in my profile. You won my giveaway and I don't have your contact information :o)

  13. Bom dia, tudo bem?
    Andei um pouco sumida mais estou de volta. Estava com saudade, passei para deixar um beijinho. òtima semana.

  14. Oi Judit, tudo bem?
    Quando vc tiver um tempinho passa lá no meu blog deixei um recado para as amigas, ótima tarde.bjs

  15. Thank you so much for your last comment, it's such a kind thing to say! I hope you find some time to rest and stitch soon! :D

  16. Hi! About the abbreviations, it took me a lon time to figure them out too. So WIP means Work In Progress; PIF means Pay It Forward and it's about something like a blog game - you sign up in someone's blog to recieve a gift from him/her and in exchange you're posting the game in your place and you're giving presents to the first 5 people who comment. TUSAL means Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long. It's a blog game too, hosted by Daffycat In this game you don't trow away any left over threads you have from your crafting, but instead you put them in a jar and everymonth we take a picture of the jar and post it. And RAK means Random Act of Kindness, it's when you're making a present for someone without him knowing, or without a special reason. I can't remember anymore stitching abbreviations that I know of, but if there's something else or I didn't explain it well, please ask :) Oh, TBR is also something I found out blogging and I use, it means To Be Read and it's about all the books that are waiting to be read lol :D Have a nice rest after that long shift

  17. Oh now I rembered SAL - Stitch-a-Long (because it was like part of TUSAL ) it reffers to every project that is stitched by several people at the same time. And IHSW is International Hermit and Stitch Weekend - every 3rd of the month if I remember correctly, hosted by Joyce
    I'm probably still missing something!