Sunday, April 3, 2011

Progress with Teddy bear love sign

Hello Everyone!

I had a nice and relaxing weekend with a lot of stiching:)The weather was beautiful,the sun was shining and the fruit trees were full of blossoms!:)) It was really beautiful, spring has finally come!
I made a progress with the Teddy bear sign, I already have 2 and half letters:)

I hope this will be really nice:)I would also have a question to you my dear followers and visitrors! If I am ready with the pattern shall I fill the rest of it with white thread, or just leave it the way it is, so without stiching the white parts, I cannot decide....
well this weekend I also had a small experience making crochet, but it seemed to  be really boyfriends granny was so kind to teach me ( we spent a relaxing weekend at her home), but every start seems to be difficult I just learned the chain stich:))
Have a nice time and happy stiching:)


  1. You just leave the background the way it is unless the pattern calls for it to be filled in.
    LISA V

  2. What a great progress. Can't wait to see the finished one.
    Now that you have white fabric you don't need to stitch it all white.

    Take care and happy stitching

  3. Being a bit lazy myself and always anxious to get on to the next project (and there always is another project waiting) I would not stitch the will also make the bears stand out from the fabric if you leave it. Happy stitching MrsDibble

  4. Aww! How lovely cross stich!